Mindfulness makes us AWARE of our thoughts, emotions, and the environment all around us.

  • It is the active, intensional connection with your life in all of its depts and experiences.

  • Mindfulness takes us out of autopilot, or that numbness that makes us feel like we are almost sleepwalking through life.

  • It gets us out of the habit of being disconnected and helps us connect with what we are experiencing.

  • It strengthens our ability to connect and then be in control of our thoughts and emotions.


Mindfulness teaches us how to INTERACT with life.

  • An attitude without judgement or rejection of the present moment.

  • Mindfulness teaches us that judging our thoughts and emotions does not help or serve us at all.

  • Instead we are taught to be fully aware and discerning of what is helpful and what is harmful while not bringing the punitive effects of judgment that hurt us and shut us down.

  • We are shown how to effectively engage with life in its beauty and its harshness without rejecting, suppressing or blocking the present moment.


Mindfulness enables us to CONNECT with life.

  • We fully experience every new moment rather than clinging to past events or living just for future moments.

  • Learning how to still experience negative moments but not get stuck in them or try to push them away.

  • You have amazing new moments coming in your life, mindfulness will show you how to enjoy them and experience them fully while still being able to engage, deal with and learn from the negative experiences in a healthy way.


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